Name: Ryuu Tsurugi



Sex: Male


  • Race:


Current Bounty:

  • Offense(s):
  • Turn-in:

Orientation: Heterosexual


Theme Music-

  • .
  • .
  • .

Akasha (Origin): discuss with me at end

(起源 - Kigen

The starting point of all humanoid beings. The orientation of one’s existence. That which directs one’s actions throughout his/her life. A driving force that has streamed off from its Source and has taken material form. From the moment that they have come into the world, all humanoids match their actions to be in harmony to the driving force that had originated them. More than a conscious decision, it falls more along the lines of an inherent compulsion. It is better said to be a person's instinct. Some even call it a "symbolic reflection of oneself." However, once one is wary of their Akasha it becomes possible, though very difficult, to stray away from whatever fate it has lain upon a certain individual. Once conquered though, it can be mastered in many ways.)




Skin color:

Hair Style & Color:

Tail Color:




Family (Chatango)-

  • Mother:
  • Father:
  • Sisters:
  • Brothers:
  • Daughters:
  • Sons:


Fighting Style:

Other Combat Style(s):

Magical Arts: Advanced Magecraft: [Astrology] (The foundamental basis is to convert prana within one's body to transform the external world. This is an "interference" with nature by bending and changing the elements at the user's whim. Ryuu is advanced in Astrology, but possess standard skills to the rest of the branches of Magecraft--Thaumaturgy, Alchemy, Alkahestry, and Numerology. Read full details here)


  • .
  • .

Spell Trigger:

Soul Shards (Tamashi no Hahen): discuss with me at end

Attributes/Specials- (Delete: Up to 10)

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  2. .
  3. .
  4. .
  5. .
  6. .
  7. .
  8. .
  9. .
  10. .


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