Name: Shima Tsurugi


Age: 14

Sex: Male

Species: Human

Occupation: High School Student

Orientation: Straight

Relationship: Single

Clan: Tsurugi

(?)Theme Music:

(?)Akasha (Origin):

(起源 - Kigen
The starting point of all humanoid beings. The orientation of one’s existence. That which directs one’s actions throughout his/her life. A driving force that has streamed off from its Source and has taken material form. From the moment that they have come into the world, all humanoids match their actions to be in harmony to the driving force that had originated them. More than a conscious decision, it falls more along the lines of an inherent compulsion. It is better said to be a person's instinct. Some even call it a "symbolic reflection of oneself." However, once one is wary of their Akasha it becomes possible, though very difficult, to stray away from whatever fate it has lain upon a certain individual; some are even capable of conquering and mastering it into an attack, a sort of weapon, magical arts, or even sorcery.)



Skin Color: Soft Pale

Hair Style & Color: Spiky Blue





Family (Chatango)-

Mother: Fireemblemmia

Father: Ryuutsurugi

Sisters: Miyukiluna, Xrinxkagaminex, Rawred

Brothers: Akemirai, Ryushinra, Lenkagamineuchiha, Thecomedian

Significant Other: N/A


  • Sons: N/A
  • Daughters: N/A


Combat Style:

(?)Magical Arts:


(?)Spell Trigger:




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