Wicked Six
Full Name Sixth Wide Area Response Brigade
Professional Status
Active 17M306 BCE - Present
Country Imperial Republic of Arkanis
Branch Regular Army
Type Wide Area Response Elite Shock Cavalry
Size 2,301,006 soldiers
Part of
  • 5th Tactical Legion (Formerly)
  • 1st Assault Legion (Present)
Garrison/HQ Port Leonse, Vensúr
Motto "The First Team!"
Colors Red and Black
Mascot Eagle
Naval Brigade 3rd Fleet
Lead Warmaster Daggoth Amestrius
  • General Archeus Thanaton
  • Grand Magister Tyri Azyure
  • Air Marshal Maginthius Darkisky
  • Commander Zelus Invidia
  • Major Varis Vorae


  • Command Division (6 men)
  • Headquarters Element (6,000 men)
  • Two Assault Brigades (700,000 men each)
  • Field Artillery Battalion (390,000 men)
  • Engineer Battalion (75,000 men)
  • Logistics Corps (105,000 men)
  • Ordinance Division (110,000 men)
  • Special Troops Command (160,000 men)
  • Ambulance Company (55,000 men)

The 6th Wide Area Response Brigade, better known as the Wicked Sixth, or Wicked Six, is a military unit under the direct command of Daggoth Amestrius. It is the oldest unit in the Arkanis Imperial Legions, and is one of the most decorated combat divisions of the Arkanis Army. Originally created to better coordinate the command structure of Legion troops during the War of the Ancients, it has since evolved into a commando unit the handles a variety of missions and counter-insurgency operations. Although the division operates as an entire brigade, it is more well known for it's irregular command module.


During the War of the Ancients, Daggoth's Field Marshals found a significant lack of communication between their fellow officers and then Supreme Commander Daggoth Amestrius. With communication impossible due to the planet's strong magical field, the five major officers present on the planet were often left unable to coordinate strategies, giving the Kaldorei Resistance a significant advantage that was allowing them to win a drawn out guerilla war. Daggoth, who was not present on the planet, could not issue orders quickly enough to respond to Kaldorei raids. Even when Daggoth finally arrived, communication was still significantly lacking.

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